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Dotty Daisies

This is my latest gal to join the Happy and Rosie design club! I have just been working with Sarah from DOTTY DAISIES who wanted a new look for her blog and this is what I came up with....She designs the most wonderful brooches....go and check her out :) What do you gals think of it? Love Happy xxx

New Banners on the Block!

Limited Edition (blogger) PRETTY ROSA (0 left) Limited Edition (blogger) RETRO ROSE (0 left)   Limited Edition (blogger) WASHDAY BLUES (0 left)   Limited Edition (Blogger) VINTAGE GREEN GAL ( left) These banners are limited editions only - so there is only a few (5) of each one ALL SOLD OUT , once they have gone - they will not be reproduced if you are looking for a 'new look' to your blog and DESIGNED BY HAPPY....this is a good alternative to buying a bespoke banner. These are priced at £15.00 each and will be amended to your blog size (2 & 3 columns) and name (although they are not compatible with 'stretch' layouts)...and an optional tag line if required. These banners can only be used with your blog....if you want to use the same banner on another site/blog you will have to purchase another banner.  Also at this price these banners cannot be changed around - if you require something a little more different you will have to email me for

Introducing LEMONADE KITTY ....!

Come on over and meet Lucey....with her new blog that I have just finished ' LEMONADE KITTY ' ....and what a cool name eh!...she is a darling...I can't wait to read her blog posts :)   Love Happy and Rosie xx

Another new blog on the block!

I have just finished designing Florence and Mary's new shop and here it off the press! Victoria who owns the blog will be adding to it very watch this space! Check her out at... F & M SHOP! Love Happy xx

Funky gals...

Hello there peeps...if you have travelled here via Happy loves Rosie, you will have seen these figures already down my side panels...did you like them? Did you think...oh I would love one of those?? Well for as little as £5.00 each with your own blog name over the top...I can create your very own for you to add into your side panel :) YAY! I hear you shout! There will be 5 styles to choose from and I'll be adding them here shortly, so keep watching. ...and please add your name to my comments if you are interested - with your email address, so that I can get back to you :) Love Happy & Rosie

New Blog on the block

This is the latest blog on the block...I have designed the graphics for this blog for my wonderful friend Jax, who I have blogged about over at Happy Loves Rosie Her new blog is called Martha's Patch ...she is a gardener, an artist and a please support and welcome her into our community :) Love Happy xx

A new banner for Scrappy Jessi

What do you think gals of this lovely banner that I have just created for Jessi over at Scrappy Jessi :) It was great working with her and I think this banner suits her to a 'T' check out her blog here Love Happy xx

Happy and Rosie...Welcome's Florence and Mary

This is my latest work...and I have enjoyed myself no end creating this blog for Victoria at Vintage Tea, she wanted to re-invent herself, she felt that she had outgrown her old blog and needed something a bit more vibrant and this is how it turned out...we are both really chuffed with it. What do you think? and please do check her out Here! LOVE HAPPY

Be Cool...with the latest in blog design!

Hello gals....This is my new blog you like it? at the moment I am doing the very same blog re-design (but with different graphics) for one of our blogging sure is a neat look don't you think? If you would like a design like this, please drop me a line...the price will be for complete 3 column blog redesign, background colours/pattern and bespoke blog header....extra's are blog header buttons and links...if you are still me, I'd love to hear from you :)

5 buttons for free with a custom header...

If you purchase a custom blog banner, you will receive 5 free button links like shown in blue above....(offer expires July 31st 2009) If you want to purchase a ready made banner (see below) the cost for 5 buttons will be £4.50 and £1.00 per button thereafter.

New banners I have created.

This is a taster of some of my bespoke blog banners....I love colour, well I am sure that you have worked that out by now LOL! If you need a banner done - please contact me via my email on my profile page - thanks gals :)

Happy's blog banners

This is a selection of blog headers that I have created in the past...if you would like one of these they cost £10.00 each...I can amend them to your blog name and add them to you blog if you wish :)... I can also do a bespoke banners....the design will be unique to you...Please email me if you are interested and I will be able to quote you a price, depending on your size of banner and blog specifications - thanks xx