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Free Happy Easter Blog Banners

3 column blog banner above I thought you gals might like this little freebie to add to the top of your lovely blogs ready for the Easter celebrations.... I have made it in these cute and may I say VERY pretty colours. 2 column blog banner above Happy Easter Gals... I'll be adding more freebies here and there... so do please check out my blogs for more info. Oh and please do leave me a comment if you decide to take it... I'd so love to hear what ya'all think! :)

Love is....

  looking at a bunch of dafs Reading my vintage annuals....Just a little girl at heart! staring at my hubby's art Smelling fresh folded linen...ahhh! and taking a trip to my favourite sweet shop! YUM YUM YUM! lOVE hAPPY XX

Another Freebie xx

<a href=""><img src=""/></a> Just copy and paste from the scroll bar into your HTML gadget in Blogger :)

Free Button for you x

<br /> <a href=""><img src="" /></a><br /> Hello :) here is a free gift for you all...Just copy and paste the above code into your HTML gadget in Blogger...Click save and have this pretty button to decorate your blog! Love Happy and Rosie xx

New Banners arrived in my Shop :)

       Go and buy one....they will be sold in a limited edition of 10...of course I will amend with your blog name and resize it for you to fit your blog...what fun! and a delightful way of starting off a new season :) CLICK HERE