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New Blog Makeovers...

I have been a busy bee this week creating graphics....infact it has been a round the clock kind of busy!  I have created a new blog button for my other blog (above) it now comes in two sizes just incase you have smaller columns and it also comes with centering so that it can look pretty and neat on your blog...pop over to Happy's to pick it up!

Plus if you would like your own 'Grab a link' button with coding for people to copy and paste your button onto their blog....please email me, I can make you a bespoke button with coding...
I have also designed this blog (above) for Mrs Lil's Homemade

Now this lassy loves pastels and I tried and tried to put some red in there somewhere...but she was having none of it!...and look how lovely it turned out...I learnt alot here and discovered new buttons in photoshop that I didnt even know existed!...thanks Kerry it was lovely working with you :)
...And recently I have just finished 'Friendly Cottage', Sharon is a food stylist and wanted a blog to promote her home, her hubby, Marty is English....hence the blighty butterflies! and Sharon is Irish...together they make a wonderful pop over to take a peek into their world.
This is the bespoke button I created for her blog...if you would like one for me for prices :)

Love Happy xx


Teresa said…
Oh Oh Oh Oh OH!
How adorable is THAT button!
Just like everything you create!
Oh I do need a code for my button...and do you think I need a new button?
I wonder?
Pop over Happy...for the Pink Party!
lemonade kitty said…
Ooooh Happy, you're making me jelous those blogs are gorgeous, I just popped over to introduce myself to those lovely ladies you're such a clever bunny Love Lucey xx
thank you thank you thank you again - you are a complete doll - you did a fab job on my blog and thanks for the link too - hopefully lots more lovely people will pop by to visit us now! sharon x
lemonade kitty said…
Hiya I've put your blog button on my blog and I think I need one too!!! Please e mail me the details when you have a minute, thanks ever so, Lucey xx

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