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Heya..I'm still designing blogs :)

Hello my friends...I am still here! if you are interested in a new blog design for the New Year...just email me and we can get working asap! I will work with you throught the whole will tell me what you like and I will design it.....and only until you are completely happy, will I then upload it all for you see, it will be painless!...

Just email me for a quote...let me know your blog address and what you would like and I can make you a complete bespoke design...or if you are short of pennies right now, I will be uploading a few limited and unlimited blog banners soon - keep watching...

If you are worried about the uploading, I can do that all for you...your blog will look fabulous with a few HAPPY tweaks :)

I look forward to working with you :)

Love Happy xx


Katy said…
Ohhh dead exciting, il keep my eyes open ready :D I'm trying to sweet talk my husband right now :P

Much Love Katy xx
Fun FREE said…
I was visiting my friends Skirts and Wellies blog and saw your site and decided to visit. What a great, inspirational site. It is not in my budget, at this time, to have you design a logo (I just created my own, homemade version), but I would be in the future. In the meantime I was wondering if you would be able to offer any advice on the "grab a button" feature. On that note, my blog is new and upcoming, and a work in progress, but if you like I would be happy to post your button. Your site was very inspirational and makes me realize I have a lot of work ahead of me.
It looks like the link to my blog didn't work on the last post, so let's try it again! :)
Paula Clare said…
Hi Happy! The new blog you created for Fairytale Hausfras is gorgeous! I just love the little bluebirds and the kitschy-ness of it all!

I've been thinking about having you design a new blog for me...but I so enjoy changing things every month I'm not sure I could stick with the same pattern for 'every occasion'. I suppose if it were the PERFECT pattern I could...hmmmmm...
I'll let you know what/when I decide!

Rebecca said…
hello happy i am interested, i have tried to do my own, but not very good at it all :( all i want is a red with white polka dot background, and then a vintage/kitch style header with Project Shabby Chic written on it. I love red, blue and green! P.s. how much roughly? xxx

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