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Dotty Daisies

This is my latest gal to join the Happy and Rosie design club! I have just been working with Sarah from DOTTY DAISIES who wanted a new look for her blog and this is what I came up with....She designs the most wonderful brooches....go and check her out :)

What do you gals think of it?

Love Happy xxx


lemonade kitty said…
That blog realy is gorgeous that you've designed for "dotty daisies" but not quite as gorgeous as mine hahaha You are so tallented love Lucey xx
blondiesvintage said…
I love your blog designs! I may be getting in touch with you whenever I'm ready to start mine. :)
LillySue said…
I just found you today thru Sue Loves Cherries. I am doing a blog makeover and want to convert to three rows like you.....How do you do that?? Can you email me...I have some other questions.
I actually have 2 blogs to convert.

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