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I can't help but design, Bright and Happy blogs...I have a huge collection of graphics and everyday I am scanning them in and creating more...If you would like a bespoke blog design or want to choose from my Ready Mades...please visit my WEBSITE or get in touch with me  

 Creative Crafting SHOP I created for the lovely Michelle...She Rocks!

This is one of my latest designs for the lovely (above) Cindy at RETRO REVIVAL
 ...and for Abbie...The Happy Glamper

 ....and Elaine at Ted and Bunny
 This is my latest design for the lovely Michelle..Please do check out her blog HERE

 My most recent acquisition was for The Felt Fairy...and look how lovely her banners turned out :)

 What katie threads next

I designed this one for Hilda Bloom...
This is one of the first blogs I designed for Florence and Mary
...and this design was for
her shop.

 I designed this blog for the lovely Jacqui from Magpie Chic
  I designed this banner for Scrappi Jessi last year and it looked FAB at the top of her blog.

   This is one of a couple of banners I have designed for This and That blog I also changed her blog to a 3 column one and designed her a new background.
Welcome to Dotty Daisies....This was another re-design to a three column blog.
This is another LOVELY 3 column bespoke blog that I designed for FAIRYTALE HAUFRAU

This is the first ever blog design that I created for the lovely Victoria at Florence and Mary

I designed this wiiiiide two column blog for Sharon and Marty at Friendly Cottage
 Do you recognise this one! this is one of the many designs that I have created for my blog :)

   This is the lovely Jan from Lemonade Kitty...I designed a 3 column blog design with this bright and funky retro blog....she loves the colour yellow and even has a car to match!
Maisey wanted something fresh and I came up with this lovely design, because she wants to eventually show her collection of vintage black and white family photographs....


I look forward to hearing and working with you :)

Love Happy xx


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Unlimited Blog Banners

1. Shabby Blue Unlimited Blog Banner 2. Cherry red Unlimited Blog Banner
3. Washday Blues Unlimited Blog Banner 4. Faded Paisley Unlimited Blog Banner
I have created these banners with you in mind....Perfect to add to your this price I will amend it with your blog name and create an optional tag line.  No other amendments can be made, but I will be able to resize it and load it to your blog, if you wish.  
Unlimited Edition Blog Banners £7.00 each
All graphics and designs by
(please note this banner can only be used once on one blog)


click here
To view Katy's choice of Blog looks lovely, dont you think?
Love Happy xx
I am over HERE now permanently...
If you are interested in a new Blog Design By Happy...

Please have a look HERE

and check out my Portfolio HERE
Love Happy xx

My latest designs

Hello gals...these are a few of my latest designs...
I can create bespoke artwork for your business, blog and website...just drop me a line... The above designs were for the lovely Elaine, who sells regularly on ebay under the name of Ted and Bunny....she sells exquisite finds from France and England....I created the graphics and design for her blog and also designed her a new ebay template, please so go and check her out HERE. ...And also I have created (above) a bespoke blog and graphics for the lovely Michelle (visit her HERE), who sells craft materials at markets in the Devon area....lucky Devon! thats all I can say! Please go over and meet these lovely lassies...they are wonderful peeps :)
Until next time :)
Love Happy xx